I highly recommend this bread.  It is so amazingly simple and fast, yet so delicious!  This only takes five to ten minutes to prepare and is ready in under two hours.  Roasted garlic ( use plenty!) and sharp cheddar cheese are a great combination.  Dried basil and oregano are good toppings.  I put the herbs on right after putting the dough in the pan to rise so the dried herbs soften.  Make sure to use plenty of olive oil in the pan because the dough seems to absorb some of it and then sticks to the pan.  The oil gives it a nice, crunchy edge.  The recipe has a link to Blitz Bread, which is almost the same but without cheese and garlic.  Whole wheat flour can be substituted for part of the white flour.

I find it helpful to read over some of the reviews on King Arthur Flour’s recipes as it gives me ideas and helps me avoid problems.  Some of the reviews suggest making this bread into a pizza by putting some toppings on it.  I recommend about a head of roasted garlic, rather than raw.


No-Knead Garlic Cheese Flatbread

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