Some of us LOVE roasted garlic!  Grant says he hates it but if it is in small pieces he is okay with it.  He loved the garlic cheese flatbread I made.  I roast garlic when I have the oven on already to bake something else, like roast or turkey, if possible.  Take several heads of fresh garlic and peel away the extra layers of papery skin.  If any cloves look bad just take them off. Then cut off a little from the bottom to expose some of the garlic.  Pour just a little olive oil on and sprinkle some salt and pepper.  Then wrap in aluminum foil and bake for about an hour at whatever moderate temperature the oven is at or 350 degrees.  It is done when soft and golden.  Burned garlic is bitter so try not to burn it like I do so often.  Garlic can be squeezed out or peeled away.  It will keep refrigerated with olive oil in a jar for several weeks.

Roasted Garlic

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