I finally made cinnamon rolls!  I always want to but haven’t tried in years.  Whenever I have made cinnamon rolls in the past I have always been disappointed.  I mean, they are yummy, but I knew I could do better.  Usually they end up overcooked by the time the insides are fully baked.  I have been looking at different recipes for ages and thinking about it.  But finally last Friday I decided on a recipe from King Arthur Flour website.  I knew I wanted good dough, not just a good cinnamon filling.  So this recipe looked good, with milk, butter, sugar and an egg in the dough.  Friday’s batch ended up practically burned and I put way too much extra filling in and it leaked out and burned too.  The bread part was a little thin.  But we did love them anyway.  And the frosting was fantastic.  I knew I needed to give the recipe another try.  Today they turned out just about perfect!  The boys said they are to kill for when I said they are to die for!  I did not stretch the dough out as much as the recipe said to and that made the perfect thickness to the layers.  I cut them into  22 pieces and fit them on two of my half sheet pans.  Brushing the top and sides with melted butter is great too.  I made the dough in the bread machine set on dough cycle and then left it to rise about another 30 minutes.  I made 50% more filling than the recipe called for.  I turned the oven on at 350°  for one minute then put the rolls in the oven for the final rise since it is cool in the house, for about 90 minutes.  The rolls baked for about 20 minutes.  I watched carefully so as not to overcook them again.  I doubled the frosting recipe because it is so delicious.  Instead of orange juice I used orange marmalade and I used Grand Marnier.

It is likely that I will try out other recipes, but if I only use this recipe I don’t think we will be missing out!


Exceptional Cinnamon Rolls

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